Parents Against Child Trafficking


In today’s world, we parents have to work extra hard to protect our children.  Predators have access to our children like never before – right in their own bedrooms!  The task can seem overwhelming, especially because today’s strangers are invited into our homes through the internet and social media.

The threat is real and imminent and it affects every child.


Even if they don’t have their own phone or electronic device, they’re using their friends’. 

But you don’t have to go it alone…  


who we are

Created with a unique purpose, PACT is a support organization for parents who:

  • may be unaware of the dangers and traps that threaten children and teens today

  • may be unprepared to combat these threats

  • may face feelings of self-doubt and become discouraged in the process of working to protect their children

What we do

PACT works to bring awareness to the issue of child trafficking and how it impacts ordinary people everyday

Organize conversations, activities and events to educate and equip parents/adults involved with children

Establish and empower “PACT Parents” and “PACT in-Action Teams” nationwide to protect children from traffickers

Ultimate safety is achieved by forming a secure bond with your children.

Our Partners


PACT is grateful to Popsockets for their support!