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make a commitment

Children are precious and deserve our best efforts to keep them safe.  It's not a "once-and-done" task.  It takes daily dedication and renewal of energy to see this through.  Your commitment is critical.  


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make a pact

Join forces with other parents or adults who are entrusted with the care and safety of children.  By making a PACT, you reinforce your commitment to do what is necessary to keep children out of the hands of traffickers and other predators.

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make it known

No one lights a lamp only to hide it under a bed.  Now that you know the dangers that threaten children today, it's your responsibility to share that message with everyone around you.  We can't make a difference if we treat this as optional.

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make a donation

Your time and your money are of great value - they are valuable to you AND to PACT.  Our work to protect children won't be successful without people like YOU.  

If you would like to donate your time, talents or financial resources to help educate your community about child trafficking.   Join with PACT and make a difference today!