Our Commitments

When you "Make a PACT" you agree to uphold PACT's 6 Commitments for the children in your care. 

A PACT is long-term -- a daily dedication to child safety and to eliminating the possibility that child traffickers and other predators have access to our children.  It is an agreement signed between a mother and a father or among youth group parents, foster parents, teachers, coaches, or other adults who oversee the activities of children.   

When you sign a PACT you commit to ENCOURAGE, ENABLE and SUPPORT each other to:


1.   Educate children about trafficking   

2.  Talk to children about the tactics of child predators   

3.  Teach children about appropriate boundaries in relationships    

4.  Invest in children, their activities, and their friends    

5.  Invite children to join forces against the trafficking of children

6.   Show children the difference between real love and empty love 


By becoming a PACT Parent or by forming a PACT-in-Action Team, you can equip yourself with tools and information to help you protect the children in your life.  You also become a member of an active community of adults who – just like you – will need encouragement and support along the way. 

Don’t wait – Make a PACT today!