Age Rating:  13

Facebook is a popular social-networking site (and app) where users connect with people of their choosing -- either privately or publicly -- and post pictures, text, or videos. Users also can play games, watch videos, decorate their pages, post and tag photos, share favorite product information, "like" favorite celebrities and social causes, live-stream video with Facebook Live, connect with goods and services, and live-chat via Messenger, an app that is integrated with Facebook. 

Why It's Dangerous:  

  • Users have a tendency to over-share, particularly personal information and by "checking-in" when not at home.
  • Your friends unknowingly make you vulnerable through over-sharing
  • Predators and scammers are creating fake profiles
  • Your information may be shared with third parties

Let's face it, the Facebook Timeline is like a scrapbook for stalkers. Timeline provides an easy interface where your friends, and depending on your privacy settings, anyone in the world can have quick access to all the things that you've ever posted on Facebook.

Stalkers just need to click on the year and month that they're interested in and Facebook Timeline takes them right to it.

With the 60 or so new apps that allow for what Facebook execs are calling "frictionless sharing", nearly every aspect of your life is potentially on display for stalkers to follow.

From the music you're listening to, to where you're "checking in" at in the real world, these little tidbits of information can help your stalker learn your patterns so they can know where to find you.

It's best to limit the sharing of your location on Facebook as much as possible or not share it at all. Use Facebook friends lists to organize your friends. Create a list of your most trusted friends and set your privacy settings to allow more access for trusted friends and highly limited access to acquaintances who might end up being stalkers.