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If a child doesn't understand that real love isn't conditional, they may fall prey to a child predator who wins their trust through manipulation.

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Traffickers know how to play on their victim’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They prey on the longings of the victim’s heart and fill psychological wounds that the victim has had inflicted on him or her in a previous life experience. 

Social media has become a stomping ground for sexual predators who message girls with complimentary phrases. The flirtatious guise masks the recruiter’s true intent, which is to find out information about the girl.  

  • Is she alone?                                     
  • Does she have loving parents?                
  • Is she vulnerable?           
  • Will she meet up with me?  

These are all questions that have been taken from social media conversations between youth and traffickers.

traffickers know how to charm

They know what to say and what to promise to establish an emotional attachment with young girls. The trafficker claims to love the victim and leverages this power to convince the victim to perform sexual acts. It often comes down to this type of statement:

“If you love me,

you will do this for me”

As tragic as it is, it is an incredibly common way that victims are pulled onto the streets and then held in invisible chains. It is a sickening form of psychological manipulation.