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Show your child what a healthy relationship looks like!

Children learn how to relate with others by watching YOU.  When you interact with your spouse or partner, friends, family members and even acquaintances, you can be a role model:


All healthy relationships are based on respect.  This includes respect for a person’s beliefs, opinions and bodies.  Show consideration for the feelings of others - including your children!  In a healthy relationship, respect leads to honesty, better communication and joint decision making.


In a healthy relationship, you can trust one another and feel safe

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Teach your child about boundaries

Teach your child about boundaries, both emotional and physical, and be sure they know that in a healthy relationship, they should be able to trust that their boundaries will not be crossed.


Healthy relationships are balanced.  Both people should feel they are giving and receiving support in a fair manner.  In unhealthy relationships, one person may dominate conversation, manipulate time or simply not pay attention to the other.


A healthy relationship should make you feel good about yourself!