Age Rating: 17+

Users post pictures and scroll through the images of other users. When they think someone is attractive they can “flag” the image. If that person has also “flagged” them in return, the app allows you to contact them.

Why It’s Dangerous: This app, and similar apps such as Down, Skout, Pure, and Blendr, are primarily used as dating tools or for hooking up.

The app is rated ages 17+ but Tinder's privacy policy allows teens as young as 13 to register (the app connects with Facebook — which is also technically for ages 13+ — to pull in photos for users' Tinder profiles). 

Tinder helps people find others in their geographic location and allows users to view each others' photos and start instant messaging once both people have "liked" one another. The geo-location features and anonymous nature of the app put kids at risk for catfishing*, sexual harassment, stalking, and worse. Learn more scary facts about the Tinder app.

Converasation Starter – Why are you using this app?  Let's talk about dating, what's appropriate for your age, and the responsibilities of having a relationship with someone.  Do you understand the concept of "catfishing" and that you could be a victim by using this app?

*Catfishing:  to pretend to be someone you're not online by posting false information (such as someone else's pictures) on social media sites usually with the intention of getting someone to fall in love with you