Age Rating:  17+

Vine is a video-sharing app where users can create unique looping video clips that are six seconds in length. 

Why It’s Dangerous – Vine, just like other social media networks, makes it very easy for teens to follow people they don’t know. In fact, the app suggests random people who you may be interested in following, urging users to connect with strangers.  Predators utilize this app to search for teens and find their location. Then they try to connect with them via other messaging apps.

Pornographic content is not difficult to find on Vine. In fact, a simple keyword search will pull up tons of videos with inappropriate content.  Explicit material is rampant on the app. When teens sign up for Vine, they will most likely be exposed to this material whether or not they’re looking for it.

Teens can also fall victim to peer pressure on the Vine app. Many teens feel a need to act crazy and seek attention via social media, and Vine is no exception.  In one challenge posted in Vine, teens encouraged each other to participate by posting a video where they set themselves on fire! The app has led to many young people becoming famous for comedic or musical videos that they post. This chance at instant fame has motivated teens to partake in extreme behaviors for more likes and shares.